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Funny Riku Quotes!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 21, 2006, 10:51 AM
Thought I'd make something fun for you guys to do.  Ok, Below are some quotes Riku says during the Kingdom Hearts game. Now, your task if you choose to accept this mission is to rewrite any of these quotes & make Riku say something funny. You can get as silly as you'd like.

To participate

  • just leave a comment with your quote.

  • You don't have to use the whole entire quote. One line's good enough

  • You can make up your own quote if you want

  • Can be written as a dialogue

  • Oh yeah! You can make up as many quotes as you'd like

Have fun! ;p


"Well, I haven't really thought about it. It's just... I've always wondered why we're here on this island. If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one? And suppose there are other worlds... then ours is just a little piece of something much greater. So we could have just as easily ended up somewhere else, right?"

"Exactly. That's why we need to go out there and find out.
Just sitting here won't change a thing. It's the same old stuff. So let's go."

"Once we set through, we might not be able to come back. We may never see our parents again. There's no turning back. But this may be our only chance. We can't let fear stop us! I'm not afraid of the darkness!"

"Sora. [tosses Sora a paopu fruit] You wanted one, didn't you?"

"If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives no matter what. C'mon, I know you want to try it."

"There are seven, supposedly, and Maleficent says she's not one of them. Hoist anchor as soon as possible. Leave all the dead weight behind, including her."

"Who knows? As long as it means getting Kairi's heart back, I couldn't care less."

"I will find it no matter what."

[proudly] "A puppet that lost its heart to the heartless."

"What? You'd rather fight me? Over a puppet that has no heart?"


"Yes, a keyblade. But unlike yours, mine holds the power to unlock peoples' hearts. Allow me to demonstrate... behold!"
[thrusts the keyblade into Maleficent's heart]

"Now, open your heart! Surrender it to the darkness! Become darkness itself!" [withdraws the keyblade]

"So, I shall release you now, Princess. Complete the keyhole with your power! Open the door, lead me into everlasting darkness!"


*I'm sure there are more of these. Feel free to share.

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