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You know you're Obsessed with Riku When......

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 21, 2006, 6:35 PM
Just another thing I thought, yall enjoy.  If'd you like to add to the list just leave a comment below.


  • You dye your hair silver & wear a black cloak for weeks at a time

  • You go out only at night just to stay away from the light & roam only in the darkness.

  • You try to convince your friends that YOU are the true keyblade wielder.

  • You start calling your best friend Sora.

  • You walk around wearing a blindfold.

  • You play with a wooden sword.

  • You start to see heartless walking around

  • You think your closet door is "the door to the light."

  • You think the mirror is a portal to the dark realm

  • You have your entire wall covered in Riku pictures

  • You change your name to Riku

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